English Pupil’s Book std 7

Collegium English Pupils Book for Standard 7 was developed to address the requirements of the Botswana English syllabus. It builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in Standard 6 but with the level of difficulty adjusted accordingly.
The main features of the book are:

  • Content that covers the syllabus fully
  • Grammar has been integrated throughout the book to fit in with the topics.
  • Contains many challenging activities which allow learners to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned
  • It has full colour illustrations
  • It is written in simple language to make reading easy.
  • The book is learner centered.
  •  Contains practice questions for PSLE covering work done at upper primary school level.

The book has a Teacher’s Guide to help teachers use the book effectively.
We hope you will find this book useful and easy to use.

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